We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs
Santa Fe River, Florida
September 27-30, 2006

photos by: Jerry Fortenberry, Rick Jacquot, Pat Cummings

I was king s**t on turd island when I found these, then GeodePat came along and found her huge spearpoint...I still have point envy...

Riker box with various items from the trip. Rick.

People are used to seeing my stove covered with specimens after a trip.

But this was a very successful trip, and soon the specimens were covering everything in my kitchen.

Even the kitchen sink was full of fossils!

Tooth ? Jerry.

Large horse molar. Jerry.

Horse molar. Jerry.

Tooth ? Jerry.

Tooth ? Jerry.

So far, Jerry has found the most unusual teeth, I have been unable to find some of them in any of the books I have, cool stuff!

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