We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs,
Santa Fe River, Florida
and surrounding areas
September 15th-22nd, 2007

photos by: Jerry Fortenberry, Rick Jacquot

This is a report of our last trip of the season to the Florida area. Sandy and I started off on Friday evening heading to Florida. We stayed overnight in Georgia before making our way into High Springs around noon the next day. We were joined later that evening by Jerry and Tena. Our plan for this trip was to dive some of our honey holes we had found in the spring as well as explore other rivers in the area to find new dive locations. Some proved to be worth a return trip while others were marked off our list. We stayed at the "Cadillac Motel" again as it is a nice place for divers who visit.

You need to see the sign from both sides to make sure you're at the right place.

If you ever visit High Springs, I recommend Alice's restaurant for breakfast.

Our first dive of the trip was to Ginnie Springs and the Santa Fe river, we checked out our gear and dove a couple of sites we knew would produce some nice material.

Tena and Sandy on the banks of the Santa Fe.


Jerry working the bottom.


School of Garfish.

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