We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

1963 Lonestar Dive Boat
Test Trip
Lake Jocassee, SC
August 31st, 2010

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Sandy Jacquot

I am posting this report under the fossil section since I am reporting on my new dive boat (used for diving for fossils) and I am wearing a fossil (see shark tooth necklace) This was actually our second test trip for our new dive boat the " Sirenian Sadeyn" The first trip was to see if it would float! It did, this trip was to test our new dive ladder and gear table and some other equipment.

Mechanically the boat is 100%. The brushed aluminum sides will be gone soon and the sides will be painted white. I am still working on the cosmetics but the major stuff is done and we are ready to do some fossil hunting.

New custom dive ladder and rails I built using scrap aluminum and stainless steel from the scrap yard in Asheville. The ladder will hold about 750 pounds. In the front left is the dive gear table that I will also test.

Heading out to a dive site at Lake Jocassee, SC.

Captain Sandy at the helm.

Gear set up on the custom gear building table.

Testing the new dive ladder.

A few shots of the boat in the water. It sits very high in the water which will be good to keep the gator's in the Cooper from jumping over the sides 8^)

Back at the dock and ready to head home. The boat and gear worked perfectly! I will have it completely done with new paint and electronics etc. by next spring. We are heading to the Cooper River next week to do some diving. Next year we plan to take it to Cumberland Island, Cooper River and Florida for more fossil diving. I will also be taking it to Lake Chatuge in 2011 for some sapphire hunting like I used to do with my old boat.

See you on the water!