Cooper River, South Carolina
Jekyll Island, Georgia
Venice Beach, Florida
September 11th-20th, 2009

Photos by:
Sandy Jacquot and Rick Jacquot

Our southeast dive and vacation trip went great! We started off Friday morning and headed to Charleston SC to meet up with Robert Kyle at the Ashley River bridge to collect some fossils. Once we arrived, we realized it was high tide, so we poked around under the bridge with little success.

Under the bridge.


Sandy on the hunt.

The bridge is a favorite of the local bums as a hangout, they even had a nice tv to watch!

Fire pit under the bridge.

After about an hour without finding much but a couple of small clams and a lot of broken bottle glass, we headed to our hotel to clean up for the night and get ready for the next days diving trip.

The next morning we headed to the Cypress Gardens boat landing to meet up with our dive crew. We were taking Toppers pontoon boat out on the Cooper to dive for fossils and artifacts.

Toppers boat.

Topper and Amanda.

Sandy getting ready to take some pics.

John Cercopely

Jim and Robert.

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