Cooper River, South Carolina
Jekyll Island, Georgia
Venice Beach, Florida
September 11th-20th, 2009

Photos by:
Sandy Jacquot and Rick Jacquot

For our last night in Venice and of our vacation, we went to the beach to get pics of the sunset. It was great!

We had a great vacation visiting the Cooper River, Jekyll Island and Venice Beach. I can't wait to do it again.

Following are my finds found while diving the Cooper River on September 12th and 13th with Topper, John Cercopely, Robert Kyle, Jim, Amanda and Sandy.

If you would like to arrange a dive trip with Topper or John, visit their web site at:

Above, some of the fossils found in the Cooper River. Note my new stove, it has a flat top for better fossil drying.

Whale ear, Tympanic Bulla, Miocene to Pleistocene Epoch. This one is really cool, it has a worm hole in the top that goes into a hollow chamber in the top of the ear, when you blow into it it sounds like a super loud whistle!

Whale ear, Tympanic Bulla, Miocene to Pleistocene Epoch.

Turtle scute.

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