Cooper River, South Carolina
Jekyll Island, Georgia
Venice Beach, Florida
September 11th-20th, 2009

Photos by:
Sandy Jacquot and Rick Jacquot

About a week before we came to dive, John was diving the river and discovered an old rice barge on the bottom. This is a new find, he was able to take a picture of the barge on the bottom with the use of this side scan radar. You can see the outline of the barge in the pic. This type of radar is also useful for finding gravel/fossil beds on the river bottom.

Preparing my gear.

John checking the radar.

Robert getting ready.

Ready to splash.

Robert gives the OK sign and heads under.

Robert made the find of the trip on this dive, a 6+ inch Sloth claw and a 5.5 inch meg tooth.

Roberts big meg tooth.

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