Cooper River, South Carolina
Jekyll Island, Georgia
Venice Beach, Florida
September 11th-20th, 2009

Photos by:
Sandy Jacquot and Rick Jacquot

That afternoon it was time to head back to the boat landing. Once back we unloaded our gear and said goodbye to our friends. It was a great two days of diving and we all found some nice stuff. Sandy and I headed back to our room and got ready for our trip to Jekyll Island.

After packing up our fossils and other goodies, we headed over to Mark Johnson's house to see his Cooper River collection. Mark lives in the Charleston area and does a lot of diving on the river as seen in the following pics.

A big gator Mark killed during the gator hunt last season on the river.

Monday morning, Sandy and I were packed up and headed south to Georgia and Jekyll Island. Our first exit off I-26 was at the Ashley River bridge and guess what, the tide was out, so I had to stop and spend about an hour hunting the beach.

There are a ton of fossil clams at this beach.

The above two pics are a nice find for my collection. This is a fish ballast stone. I'm not sure of the species, but it is the first one I have found.

Shark verts.

Some of Sandy's clams.

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