Cooper River Fossil Dive!
Charleston, S.C.
July 23rd, 2006

Time for my second dive trip report! Yes I have been ruined by diving, I have to admit it is the most fun I have ever had while hunting for fossils. Jerry said he was attacked by several people at the rock show in Spruce Pine this past week for teaching me to dive, 8^). This trip was my introduction to the Cooper River, we started off about 30 miles upstream where the water was a little clearer so I could get used to the river. Jerry called this the baby pool, a little rough for a baby , I'll explain later.

Me and my dive certification I.D.

The weekend actually started on Saturday, John D. and I met with Jerry and Tena in Spartanburg and headed south to Summerville for a little creek fossil hunting. It was to late in the day for us to dive so we spent the afternoon searching an area creek for fossils. I found a couple of meg teeth and various other bones here, the creek stinks very bad and I couldn't wait to get a shower that evening. After checking in at our hotel, we went to dinner and discussed the plans for Sunday.

Jerry's new dive boat.

Sunday morning we headed to the boat ramp and prepared for a day on the Cooper.

Jerry and Tena.

Draw bridge.

Old plantation home on the river.

Very important equipment on Jerry's boat!

After a while cruising the river, we stopped at our first dive location. Jerry called this the baby pool, maybe 25-30 feet deep with fairly clear water. We still used our dive lights, we searched for fossils and artifacts.

No, this is NOT the creature from the black lagoon!

Time to head down and see what we can find.

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