Dive Report:

Fossil Dive Trip!
Ginnie Springs,
Santa Fe River,
June 21-24th, 2006

pictures by: Jerry Fortenberry,
Tena Hendrix, Rick Jacquot

We spent the morning during the first dive checking out Ginnie Springs. Jerry had us practice our dive procedures and get ready for our checkout dive testing.

Jerry and Tena in Ginnie Springs.

Me in Ginnie Springs.

I bought a cheap underwater camera to record the underwater part of the trip. It worked fairly well, most of the pics came out pretty good.

Fish in Ginnie Springs.

Jerry in Ginnie Springs.

Ginnie Springs has a series of underwater limestone caverns that run miles beneath the Florida ground. You have to be a certified diver to enter these caves so we did not go into them. Even after being certified, I did not want to go into them, last year, a diver entered the caves with low air in his tanks, got disoriented and drowned! I'd rather dive the river to hunt for fossils, which is why I wanted to be certified in the first place.

We finished our checkout dives to get our certification, then it was straight to river diving! We went and had our tanks refilled and prepared for the Santa Fe River.

Santa Fe River.

We got in at the spring and floated out into the river. We floated several hundred yards downstream to where Jerry thought there might be a productive gravel bed underneath.

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