Dive Report:

Fossil Dive Trip!
Ginnie Springs,
Santa Fe River,
June 21-24th, 2006

pictures by: Jerry Fortenberry,
Tena Hendrix, Rick Jacquot

That evening we went to dinner to celebrate our finds of the day and to plan the next days adventures.

The next morning we were up bright and early again, off to eat breakfast and then straight to the river for another day of diving. We entered the river at a different spring this day. The above pic is me checking out the "Devils Ear", a 30 foot deep crack in the earth. We went down and checked it out for a few minutes and then headed to the river.

We crossed the river to the other side to check out a little frequented spring. It was loaded with underwater vegetation. A world of plants and underwater spring geysers that shoot out of the ground. I floated over one and it blew me about 8 feet to the surface!

Jerry points out an underwater geyser.

Plant world.

In all, we conducted seven dives in three days with five of them being river drift dives for fossils. The next pics are some of the fossils Jerry and I found at the river bottom. Some I was able to ID and others not, if you know what some of them are, let me know:

Above pics, fossil sea biscuits.

Deer cannon bones and various other bones.

Various turtle shell fragments.

Turtle shell.

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