Dive Report:

Fossil Dive Trip!
Ginnie Springs,
Santa Fe River,
June 21-24th, 2006

pictures by: Jerry Fortenberry,
Tena Hendrix, Rick Jacquot



Giant land tortoise leg spur.

Above four pics, unidentified fossil?

A few more pieces of turtle shell and various bones.

Manatee or Whale rib bone.

A pic of some of Jerry's finds, I'll add more pics of his material as I get them on the next page.

What a fantastic week! I have to admit, diving is the most fun I have ever had rock hunting. Being underwater and knowing you are searching gravel that has been untouched by others is a thrill and the supply of fossils is renewed with every tide change and storm that passes through. I'll be adding to my collection for years to come with this new hobby, thanks Jerry!