2006 Annual M.A.G.M.A. Club Picnic
December 9th, 2006

This years club picnic was a combined picnic and Christmas party, it was actually a two day event. Some of the members stayed overnight at my house and in town to go dig at the Little Pine the following day after the picnic.

The fire waiting to be started.

The first to arrive was Jerry and Tena, followed soon after by Ed Stagle.

Ed and Jerry

The previous couple days weather scared some away, but some traveled quite a way to join us in the fun. Rob and Vicki drove 11 hours from Pennsylvania to join us, and Ernie and Linda came from Fayetteville, N.C.. We were also joined by Tony and Donna Burns and their kids, Maitri, John D. and Amy the fire goddess made a showing to heat up the night!

Cool pic of smoke coming out of a log!

I made a pot of chili and others brought some food. Ernie and Linda made a special trip to Wilmington before heading our way to pick up a 17 layer chocolate cake and a carrot cake. There was egg nog, (the good kind) and all sorts of other goodies.

An evening with the stars

Around 10:00 we headed in and prepared for the next days events. We headed to the Little Pine Sunday morning. Everyone found the usual pile of garnet crystals, a great way to finish off the official 2006 M.A.G.M.A season.

See you next year!