AlumaCraft River Boat
June 25th 2011-August 24th, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

Next I cleaned and polished the bottom of the boat with Bon Ami cleaner and "Mothers" aluminum polish, and put it back on the trailer.

Then I sanded and wire wheeled (stainless wire wheel) the interior to remove the many years of oxidation. I used two coats of Gluvit sealer to coat the rivets and seams to prevent any leaks. After that, I painted the bottom with two thick coats of "Monster Marine" anti slip paint.

I also installed a brass drain at the bottom of the transom. The boat did not have a drain when I bought it? I could just imagine towing it in a pouring rainstorm as the boat filled up like a giant bathtub!

I waxed the top half of the motor and it looked pretty good. I sanded and repainted the bottom half with Mercury Marine gloss black motor paint.

The finished product; Refinished floor, pen striping, indoor/outdoor carpet on the seat tops for those hot summer days. The boat has an emergency bilge pump and oars and a trolling motor in case of motor failure. New marine battery (came with the boat). Total cost including restoration, under $1,500. Following are some pics:

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