Fieldtrip Report:

Morefield Mine,
Ligon Mine,
Amelia County, Va.
September 30th and October 1st, 2006

photos by: Cathy Clouser and Lee Fleming,
text: Lee Fleming

Saturday morning started early with Ken cooking bacon and eggs for the group and a pack of hunting dogs barking like they were on a hunt. Boy was the food good. The dogs finally calmed down and the constant barking subsided. As Ken cooked breakfast, we noticed that the adjacent pond had some wildlife moving around. A large heron, a wild goose, and a flock of ducks all were enjoying the early morning period.

Once we had our camp secured, we headed out to the Ligon Mine for a morning of searching for beryl, tormaline, and clear quartz. Before going to the collection areas, we visited the large rocks with beryl crystals at the land owner's back door. They were beautiful and gave us some hope of finding big beryl crystals.

We then walked to the cow pastureprospect and immediately noticed that someone had moved dirt since we were at the site last. Since it had rained hard several nights before, we were in hopes if finding crystals on the ground surface. Soon, Cathy found three beryl pieces just laying around the site. The rest of us began to dig in the soils of the area using shovel and screen. Several other pieces of beryl were found along with other collectible material.

Lee and Ken

Searching the dumps

Celeste and Ken


Cathys beryl

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