Fieldtrip Report:

Morefield Mine,
Ligon Mine,
Amelia County, Va.
September 30th and October 1st, 2006

photos by: Cathy Clouser and Lee Fleming,
text: Lee Fleming

About mid-morning, we moved to the other side of the farm property to a location where crystal clear quartz and tormaline could be found. Tom had found a location at this site where tormaline could be dug after the old pit was drained of water. Several members found some very nice tormaline.

Tom and Cathy

Celeste and Cynthia



About 11:30 we all packed up and headed for Amelia for lunch. The selected McDonald's happened to be only a couple of miles from our next dig - the Moorefield Mine. After a good lunch, we headed to the Moorefield for an afternoon of collection and mine tours.

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