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Florida Dive Trip
June 8th-15th, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

GeodePat had called me and told me that they were finding big mastodon teeth in the Suwannee River, so at a days notice, I packed my dive gear and headed to Florida.

I pulled into High Springs 8 hours later and got a room for the night.

I spent my first day diving the Santa Fe River for fossils. I went to Ginnie Springs to access the river where I knew there were some bone beds. The park crew was into their second week of cleaning the river bottom after the Memorial Day weekend crowd. As usual, thousands of beer cans and bottles littered the river bottom left over by the ignorant trashy rednecks that are just to plain stupid to put their empty cans and bottles into their coolers. Instead they use the river as a garbage can. I hope that someday the state of Florida will step in and take this park over and away from the careless owners that let this continue to happen year after year!

A few things I found while diving the Ginnie trash piles:

Armadillo scutes.

Some type of horn, unknown species.

Sloth bone.

This bone has me stumped? At first I thought it was a saber cat toe bone, but the more I look at the books, it looks like something else, I just can't figure out what?

Mastodon ivory tooth cap.

The next day, on my way to the Suwannee river, I rescued this fellow from the highway, he was at least a foot long, one huge box turtle!

Once I arrived at the camp, I met this local hanging out.

The following day I met up with GeodePat, we rented a canoe and headed up the Suwannee. I brought my dive gear but never used it. We spent the day searching the newly exposed islands that are usually underwater. We found some nice chert, fossils etc., we even discovered one island that was covered with sea biscuits (echinoid's) we named it "Biscuit Island".

Horse tooth.

Checking out a spring on the Suwannee.

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