We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Santa Fe River, Gilchrist County, Florida
Jekyll Island, Georgia
June 6th - 15th, 2010

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Sandy Jacquot

We had a great time down in Florida and Georgia for our vacation. It was our first dive adventure of the 2010 season and we found a lot of nice stuff. We arrived in Florida and checked into our favorite motel, the Cadillac. I did a couple of days diving with Sandy in the Santa Fe River and Ginnie Springs, later in the week, Robert and Marcy drove up from their new home in Bradenton, Florida to join us for some diving.

The Cadillac Motel.



Robert and I geared up. I planned to show Robert one of the many fossil beds in the Santa Fe River. Marcy was going to dig at the river bank for fossils and Sandy was filming everything. We made a great video of the trip that will be finished later. I got about an hour of great underwater video for the film.

Heading to Dogwood Spring to get out to the river.

Santa Fe River.

We had great visibility this trip. Last year I could only see about six inches on the bottom with a dive light. This time the viz was 15-20 feet.

Our dive flags marking our position in the river.

Marcy digging and sifting for fossils.

Robert coming in after the first dive.

Partial Glyptodont scute from the bone bed.

Time to gear up for the next dive!

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