AlumaCraft River Boat
June 25th 2011-August 24th, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

The boat needed a little work, but I could have that done in no time. The transom was original, and after 55 years, it needed replacing.


"Queen of the Waterways"

I pulled the boat off the trailer and propped it against the barn. My first task was to get the trailer in shape. It looked as if no one had ever done much to it in regards to maintenance. It came with a new set of tires and wheels. I decided it needed an extreme makeover, so I set about dismantling it. This only took about an hour since it is a small one and not a lot to it. In the meantime, I sold the old "Duo" boat hull to some local fisherman for $150. I used this money at the parts store getting some of what I needed for the restoration.

Out with the old, bring on the new stuff!

Jacquot's Boat Barn.

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