AlumaCraft River Boat
June 25th 2011-August 24th, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

The first thing I did was strip the old paint down to the bare metal. I did this with a grinder/sander with 36 and 50 grit sandpaper and wire wheels. Next I coated the bare metal with "POR 15" paint. This stuff works great to seal the metal and prevent future rust. It runs about $50 per quart, but it is worth it in the long run. I turned the frame upside down to make sure I covered everything well.

Bare metal frame.

Coated with POR 15.

Next the frame was turned upright and I continued to coat it with the POR 15. Once the frame was coated, I sprayed it with five coats primer and five coats gloss white paint.

The finished product. I went to a wholesale boat parts warehouse and the local scrap yard for many of the new parts. New parts include; paint $80.00, front wheel jack for trailer $3.00, new winch $15.00, new light wiring $6.00, all new stainless steel bolts and screws $20.00, rubber rollers $6.00, fenders $24.00, rear wooden runners $0, tires/wheels (came with trailer), wheel bearings, races, u-bolts and spring bushings $60.00. Total; $214.00 for trailer rebuild.

Next, I began working to replace the old transom. The years had taken they're toll on the wood. The original transom is 1" thick, I had a sheet of marine grade plywood that was 1/2" thick. I cut two pieces to match the original pattern and used silicone adhesive sealer to glue them together.

Old transom.

New transom in progress.

New transom installed.

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