Dive Report:

Fossil Dive Trip!
Ginnie Springs,
Santa Fe River,
June 21-24th, 2006

pictures by: Jerry Fortenberry,
Tena Hendrix, Rick Jacquot

As most of our long time club members know, Jerry Fortenberry is a long time fossil diver as well as a gem hunter. He also owns the Indy Jones Trading Co. and teaches SCUBA diving and arranges charter dive trips. He has been after me for three years now to take his class and learn how to dive. Last month I finally decided to take the class. The idea of diving under water to hunt for fossils intrigued me so I had to do it. After several classroom sessions and some time in the local pool, it was time to head to Florida to do our checkout dives and get certified.

We left Wednesday morning and drove the eight hour trip to Lake City Florida. Here we checked into our motel for the week, the "Cadillac Motel". We had dinner that evening and went over our plans for the next day. The first thing we had to do was get into the springs and do some practice work for our checkout dives.

Cadillac at the Cadillac Motel.

The next morning we were out of bed and on our way to breakfast and then on to Ginnie Springs.

Jerry getting the equipment ready.

Getting ready.

Jerry the first day, ready to hit the spring.

Getting into Ginnie Springs.

Ginnie Springs.

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