Fieldtrip Report:

Morefield Mine,
Ligon Mine,
Amelia County, Va.
September 30th and October 1st, 2006

photos by: Cathy Clouser and Lee Fleming,
text: Lee Fleming

The MAGMA field trip to several mine locations began on Friday afternoon. We arrived at the Amelia Family Campgrounds at about 3:00 PM. Upon arrival, we found that the original site that had been selected was going to be too small and too wet. After riding around the campgrounds, we finally settled on a series of campsite that provided tables, electrical and water hookups, and enough area that we could setup out camp for the weekend.

Ken, Brian and Lee

Cathy and Diane

Once we had our tents setup, the collection of firewood became a top priority. We found a cashe of old wood which had been pushed into the woods and soon, we had enough to support a fire for the evening. Upon return to the campsite, we found that Cathy's mother, Diane, had prepared enough spaghetti for the whole group to eat for supper. Also, Cathy had make a batch of cookies for desert. What a great meal for our MAGMA members. After the meal, several of us went up to the camp ground supply building and were surprised to find that they had a great rock collection on display.

There was a large amazonite crystal and many other mineral specimens. As we left the store, we noticed several large pieces of petrified wood and an Indian statue. Cathy just had to go over an give the chief a hug.

Spagetti Dinner

Celeste and Cynthia


Amazonite Crystal

Upon returning to camp we settled in around the campfire for an evening of conversation and relaxation. I think the core group finally went to bed around 3:00 AM. By the way, Drew arrived around midnight and enjoyed several hours of sitting around the camp fire until he adjourned to his car to go to sleep.

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